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OneDash Caper is an innovative program for automatic captcha solving.
The latest machine vision technologies for the most productive work.
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Works on Windows and Mac OS
Program Features
Ultra - Productivity
When developing an application, we used only better machine intelligence technology. High performance and few resources.
Settings - Adaptability
All possible ways to integrate, minimum settings and a pleasant interface.
Training Docs
Tutorial, documentation and support from the command - for each user.
Without Borders
There are no restrictions on our part. Work as it is comfortable to you.
What opportunities does Caper give?


The solution of the most popular captcha goes on average ~40 seconds. Works with Recaptcha v2, Recaptcha v3, HCaptcha.


Convenient analysis of all types of real-time data. Detailed graphs and logging.


Minimum configurations - proxy, users and modules. Everything else does the program.


Active base of modules. You can also make your own recognition module by contacting us.

Updates and Support

We offer all updates for free, as well as support from our team.


After installation, you can immediately integrate with the necessary resources and get started. Conveniently.
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Find answers in F.A.Q:

Can I use the program on a VPS/virtual machine?

What do I need to work with software?
Nothing. Installing additional components is not required. Everything inside.

How many devices can I work?
Not more than 3 active sessions at the same time.

What list of supported caps? Can I add my type of captcha?
Yes, you can contact us to train a new recognition module. Recaptcha v2, Recaptcha v3, HCaptcha - the most used caps by token, as well as most popular caps in the form of an image.

What is written by software?
On C++.

How strongly the program loads PC, can I use the computer in parallel?
With small threads, the program does not give a special load on the PC, so you can safely do your affairs while working in software.

What access APIs is used in software?
2captcha, anti-captcha, deathbycaptcha

Is there logging?
Yes, there is a detailed log in real time with statistical data.

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What is Captcha well known to almost every Internet user. This is a certain system of protection against bots, which is installed on almost every site, social. network or application. Capper can be a certain combination of common symbols (for example - numbers, symbols of the Cyrillic or Latin alphabet) or a verification that requires any actions, for example, a click on certain images. It is believed that capping can correctly enter only the real user, but in practice the program for automatic capping recognition is capable of cope.

OneDash Caper - It is such a software that can be entrusted to a mass imitation of a user's actions at the entrance to projects protected by traps. Our development is written in C ++, has a detailed log in real time and can be activated even on the VPS, virtual machine. It works with Recaptcha V2, Recaptcha v3 and Hcaptcha using DeathByCaptcha, Rucaptcha, Anti-Captcha, but also it is open to expand capacity, including on user-demand.

  • Infinity. The creators of Ondash focused on providing their customers with complete freedom of action. The program has no restrictions on streams as in competing applications (Capmonster, Xevil). There are no limits by the number of ragged Catching system. It is worth choosing a period of use of software and throughout this time you can make any amount of recognition. There is no restrictions and on compatible programs by integrating with the Popular Services APIs.

  • Best performance. Our Captcha program is based on two principles: high efficiency and low resource costs. It is allowed to run the software in parallel with other actions and processes, both on modern PCs and on old laptops. You can minimize the program and engage in other tasks without loss of performance.

  • Maximum amenities. After activating a subscription or unlimited tariff, we suggest you download a program for capping recognition, and immediately after installation you can easily integrate with the software you need.

  • Full professional accompaniment. Even if you have never dealt with similar platforms, deal with Options ONEDASH CAPER will not be difficult. To help newcomers using our program to solve Cappi, we provide detailed instructions, training videos and written by understandable language accompanying documents, we offer advice and assistance to technical support during operation. Updates are manufactured regularly and 100% are free for users with a valid subscription or unlimited tariff. We are interested in improving software and constantly working on its development.

  • Thoughtful details. Our program for the automatic solution of Capcha offers you an excellent usability, a friendly interface, intuitive settings, the ability to select relevant configurations (proxy, modules, users). We took care of consumers to work as comfortably as possible with software.

  • Informative statistics. The Capper input program automatically collects information about all data, the processing of which it performs. It helps to analyze the actions performed to optimize the work and avoid mistakes in the future. Users are provided with access to schedules and viewing real-time logging.

  • Fast start. The Capp Support program starts in several clicks and can work even with basic parameters. Software is ready to perform its functions already 5 minutes after installation. If necessary, it is possible to detail the recognition processes, make changes to the preset settings. At the request of the client, our programmers are ready to create any modular components to recognize new types of capp.

The Caper Capeer Capture Program has proven itself as a pet Internet marketer, advertisers, SMM-flaps, spammers and webmasters engaged in promotion in the Internet. It regularly adds to individuals producing online automation for certain purposes. For example, the authors of bots for auto-registration of accounts in social networks, mass distribution specialists and figures that prefer aggressive web promotion.

Capple Services and Benefits OneDash Caper

Making a choice of software that allows you to prove that the entrance to the site is not a robot, it is recommended with a loaf on its advantages and disadvantages. There are 2 class of platforms of this type: manual, where employees work on the breakdown of Capps and all manipulations are made manually, and therefore - slowly and inaccurately; Automated, where all functions are delegated to innovative technologies, which minimizes the risks of unsuccessful decodents, guarantees the speed of response and higher recognition accuracy.

And programs for manual recognition, and automatic systems have their own features of functioning.

Classic manual capping (such as the Rucaptcha or Anticapcha) is a resource with sharply limited features. It is characterized by:

  • the need for payment for each recognized capping that for large amounts of work it turns out to be quite unprofitable to the user;

  • the presence of the inaccuracy of the completed tasks (due to the principle of manual input, the influence of the human factor increases, errors often slip in the work of such programs);

  • Slow response to the user's actions, low speed of work (all the captchas will not work quickly, it is necessary to stock up time);

  • A significant limitation in streams capable of inhibiting the recognition process.

Such a captcha service, despite the fact that it costs money, does not guarantee high-quality results and speed, besides, it is often not too user-friendly. To adapt to work with it takes time, money and patience. If we are talking about a small number of recognition, then it can be resorted to it without any problems, but if you have a lot of work with a mass of capaches of different formats and filling, then difficulties and limit on scaling can occur.

Walking out the universal Capp flat solutions that could be entrusted to the processing of a significant data array, pay attention to the Capper project. It is the complete opposite of manual projects. Our development provides:

  • A reasonable fee for using a program providing for an unlimited number of operations per day (the user makes a small subscriber. fee for that period of use that he is interesting, after which it can contact the recaptcha with the frequency that is relevant for him);

  • A guarantee of the result (in view of the fact that the program uses modern technologies, it works as high quality as possible and accurately, failures in soloing the caps are minimized);

  • Very high Captcha recognition service response rate on user sent request (up to 40 seconds to popular Caps), Multi-threaded task execution is available;

  • The complete absence of restrictions on streams or resources by developers (you can download the application to the maximum, opening up to 3 sessions at the same time).

OneDash Caper solution service is convenient from a user point of view with its high adaptability. It is possible at any time to add a unique type of captcha, the necessary user. To do this, it will be necessary to contact our development team and ask for a new recognition module into the system. This is a free service that expands the potential of the software and helps you configure it under the solution specifically of your tasks.